Bad Habits and Erectile Dysfunction

Along with stress, bad habits are the main causes of problems with potency (erectile dysfunction) in men. Let’s will analyze the most popular of them: smoking, addiction to alcohol, masturbation.How Smoking and Alcohol Influence Erection_


Scientists have long used the term «nicotine impotence» in everyday life. In process of smoking, people inhale products of combustion and then instead of oxygen into lungs comes carbon monoxide. Lack of oxygen leads to slow destruction of walls of vessels. As a result, walls of blood vessels of a penis of the smoker are clogged, then much less blood flows to a penis.

Tobacco contains many different poisons, which affects work of sexual organs, as a result, male (or female) sexual desire decreases.


Some believe that limited use of alcoholic beverages does not affect potency. But this, unfortunately, is not true. Wine or vodka in small amounts can have a beneficial effect on the functioning of a circulatory system, but not on sexual function. Yes, many have repeatedly noticed that in a drunken state, excitement comes easily, and duration of sex increases. But this momentary joy costs them, as a result, serious deviations in the pituitary gland of the thyroid gland, adrenal glands and prostate gland. What ultimately leads to decrease in libido, which at times can completely disappear, and in some cases premature ejaculations are observed. Moreover, such phenomena in human life as alcohol and erectile dysfunction are very closely related to each other so that it is not always clear what the real cause of the problem is. Loss of sexual desire leads to problems with alcohol, but excessive alcohol addiction will automatically lead to sexual impotence in the near future.


This habit is not universally considered harmful. However, in combination with depression, masturbation has an extremely large negative impact on male potency (in women everything is different). Doctors, sexologists, who face this combination, in diagnostic card usually write the following: «double impotence». Self-excitation is not a problem in itself, but, unfortunately, it is difficult for a man to control himself. According to results of research by scientists from Singapore, in 86% of masturbating married men masturbation occurs more frequently than sexual intercourses. As a result, it provokes problems in relationships with partner and drives a man into depression, a way out of which he again seeks in his bad habits.