Canadian Health&Care Mall about Sexual Violations

Sexual violations (impotence, partial erection, premature ejaculation, perversions) are states at which physical reactions of sexual function are broken. Diseases or injuries of genitals, the use of drugs, alcohol, the psychosocial reasons, psychological, cultural, interpersonal relations, mental diseases can be the reasons of such dysfunctions.

Erection violation or impotence belongs to sexual violations which are considered to be an inability to keep or have an erection, sufficient for the commission of sexual intercourse. Sexual dysfunction and violations can appear at any age. At primary erectile dysfunction, the man will never be able to have sex, with secondary erectile dysfunction – he will manage to have sexual intercourse one or several times. If you do not desire to come across with such a problem you are welcome on Canadian Health&Care Mall to order Viagra, Cialis or Levitra to treat your erectile dysfunction making it possible to carry out sexual intercourses and enjoy the sexual life.

It often meets incomplete or fractional erection which is insufficient for full sexual intercourse. Also, cases when the man in one situation is capable of an erection, and in others – no meeting. If the man has difficulties to an erection more than in 25% of cases of his sexual contacts, then he can safely be considered as an impotent man.

sexual disorders

Abuse of alcoholic drinks is one of the most common causes of impotence developing, there are other reasons as well:

  • endocrine diseases;
  • high doses of medicines intake;
  • spine injury and genitals.

The majority of frustration, such as a fast or premature ejaculation, ejaculation even prior to sexual intercourse, loss of control over an ejaculation, the perverted relation to sex, have functional character and depend on features of the personal identity, his environment and condition of mentality.

The concentration of attention and experiences on similar frustration aggravates the available problems, even more, promotes the violation of an erection because similar frustration in most cases has under themselves psychosocial factors. Get rid of all problems with sexual function with Canadian Health&Care Mall.

Ejaculation Insufficiency

During sexual intercourse, the ejaculation doesn’t occur, and on the contrary, out of sexual contact (masturbation), the ejaculation is possible. Such violation is usually not connected with the organic reasons. Full inability to an ejaculation happens at addicts and at some psychological diseases.

Painful Intercourse or Dyspareunia

At dyspareunia painful feeling in a prostate, a penis, testicles during sexual intercourse appear. Inflammatory processes of genitals are the frequent reasons for similar discomfort. In half of the cases, the main role is played by psychological factors which lead to an emergence of perversions.

Sexual violations are treated by the corresponding experts – gynecologists and urologists. In the absence of the organic reasons of sexual frustration, it is necessary to address the sexopathologist. Methods of treatment are selected taking into account specific features depending on nature of frustration.
If sexual dysfunction is a consequence of mental disease, then it is necessary to address the psychiatrist before an initiation of treatment. Treatment of perversions is the most complex problem. People with a similar problem, seldom ask for the help and hide the addiction from people around, even from family members. Therapy of sexual perversion is ineffective.